Painted Harvest Clutch Bag Note Set

Todays post is a very old one it is a copy of the 2nd blog post i ever did I thought I would share it with you again today as we heading to autumn and the sunflowers are now out, they are one of my favourite flowers just love to see the field of happy faces. The photo is from our holiday Italy last month.



  1. Start with a 12′ x 12″ paper, Start with the paper down and bring the corners together and press down form a triangle.


2 From the bottom turn up approximately 1/2′ and press the fold down firmly.


3 Open out and them fold the 2 corners in to meet in the middle


4 fold in the mountain-valley style.the centre fold up should be in the mountain fold

img_37606 close up the purse,and fold back the corner flip and repeat on the other side.

7 Stick the 2 flaps down and punch 2 holes

8 Cut out a circle with the stitched thinlet frame set then stamp the sunflower and leafs

9 Add some garden string to finish



Thanks for dropping by


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Leaf Punch

Simply Scored

Bone Folder


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